Celect Siding

Celect Siding Home Exterior Solution in Oakland, CA

Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding is proud to offer Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal® to homeowners in Oakland, CA and its neighboring regions. This innovative siding is crafted to elevate the worth and charm of your entire home. Its almost seamless appearance and robustness enhance your home’s exterior, making it a sought-after choice among today’s homeowners.

Crafted from advanced recyclable cellular materials, Celect Siding stands resilient against rotting, splitting, warping, blistering, and any structural deterioration due to pests like termites or other decay agents. The cellular PVC composite construction of Celect Siding is uniquely designed to mimic the alluring grain of natural wood, without the accompanied risks and challenges.

The Celect Cellular Composite Siding by Royal® strikes the right chord between beauty and functionality, ensuring homeowners get the most out of their siding choice.

When considering aesthetics and energy efficiency, siding plays a pivotal role in defining a home’s character. Many homeowners in the region have a penchant for the authentic appearance of wood siding. However, traditional wood comes with its set of challenges. Over time, wood siding can warp under the sun’s heat, and panels may eventually separate. This not only detracts from the home’s appeal but also leaves it susceptible to issues like dry rot, mildew, and cracking. Celect’s siding offers a solution by delivering the beauty of wood siding without its inherent problems, truly representing the best of both worlds.


Performance and Aesthetic Appeal Combined

Celect Siding offers homeowners an unmatched level of performance when it comes to protecting their homes from the elements and maintaining a pristine appearance. The patented interlocking joint system of Celect Siding provides virtually seamless and elegant exteriors, preventing distortion from sunlight and eventual panel separation that can lead to dry rot, mildew, and cracking.

Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding: Your Celect Siding Installation Experts

Celect Siding distinguishes itself in the market with its patented interlocking joint system. This ingenious design ensures the seams on the siding are nearly invisible, giving it a superior edge over competitors. 

Performance Highlights

  • Celect’s commitment to excellence is evidenced by their limited lifetime warranty and 25-year color protection guarantee.
  • Built to last, Celect can weather the fiercest storms, showcasing incredible durability under extreme conditions.
  • Notably, it can endure wind velocities exceeding 210 mph.
  • The meticulously engineered joints manage expansion and contraction seamlessly, providing a flawless finish.
  • Homeowners will admire its impeccable appearance, free from any peeling, wavy impressions, fissures, or contortions.

Sustainability Metrics

  • Demonstrates superior strength when benchmarked against fiber cement and wood.
  • Its distinct white substrate naturally minimizes heat absorption, enhancing home energy efficiency.
  • Committed to the environment, the siding is crafted from recyclable materials.
  • Kynar Aquatec®’s robust UV resistance reflects energy back into the atmosphere, optimizing HVAC system performance.
  • It offers a striking 70% better protection than conventional wood.

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Fabricated from cellular PVC, Celect Siding inherently repels dirt, resists seasonal staining, and remains impervious to insect damage.
  • The efficacy of the Kynar Aquatec color finish eliminates frequent repainting needs.
  • The smart interlocking design prevents the unsightly gaps typical in many siding products.
  • Unlike fiber cement, there’s zero requirement for routine caulking, streamlining the maintenance process.

For premier Celect siding services in San Francisco, CA, look no further than Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding. We specialize in window replacement and the installation of top-tier Celect siding. At Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding, we guarantee that your investment will not only elevate your home’s aesthetics but also endure the test of time.

Why Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding Should Be Your First Choice for Siding?

Nestled amidst Oakland’s iconic landscapes and globally renowned architecture, your Bay Area home deserves unparalleled care. When considering a siding contractor, why opt for average when you can have extraordinary? Here’s what makes Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding stand out:
  • Deep-Rooted Local Knowledge: As Oakland natives, we’re well-acquainted with the distinct weather patterns, architectural styles, and local bylaws. This local expertise means that your siding project will resonate with Oakland’s charm while tackling its specific challenges.
  • Premier Materials: We believe in uncompromised quality. Our siding materials aren’t just about aesthetics; they promise longevity, resistance, and outstanding insulation. Your abode won’t merely look magnificent but will be fortified against diverse weather conditions.
  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Our crew consists of industry veterans passionate about their trade. Their cumulative experience, unmatched skill set, and precision guarantee an impeccable finish.
  • Transparent Pricing Model: Our quote is your final price. We despise hidden charges and unexpected fees. At Rhino, transparency isn’t a catchphrase; it’s a promise.
  • Eco-centric Approach: Aligned with Oakland’s green initiatives, we emphasize the use of sustainable resources and promote environmentally-friendly methodologies, ensuring our city’s grandeur endures.
  • Dedicated Customer Care: Our relationship goes beyond project completion. We’re your continual partners, ready to assist, address, and advise, ensuring our craftsmanship exceeds your expectations.
  • Community’s Seal of Approval: If you’re seeking testimonials, look no further than your next-door neighbor. Our unparalleled service has transformed many Oakland homes, making us a trusted name in the community.
  • Solid Warranty: Our confidence in our craft is backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing you assurance and underlining our commitment to excellence.

Your residence is a testament to your taste, aspirations, and ethos. Entrusting it to Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding means giving it the best in the business.
When siding considerations emerge, remember: Rhino Oakland Window Replacement & Siding is more than a service provider. We’re your neighborhood allies, committed to amplifying the elegance and durability of your cherished home.